sabato 8 marzo 2008

Fiorentina a Testa alte perde 8-7


Florence, Italy

Name Name
1 Vorontsova Valentina 1 Gigli Elena
2 Glyzina Nadezda 2 Biancardi Francesca
3 Lavorini Daniele
4 Konukh Sofia 4 Colaiocco Marta
5 Zubkova Anastasia 5 Stieber Mercedes
6 Zubkova Anna 6 Casanova Elisa
7 Belousova Natalia 7 Dravucz Rita
8 Masi Jessica
9 Belyaeva Olga 9 Lari Allegra
10 Soboleva Evgenia 10 Cotti Aleksandra
11 Smurova Elena 11 Fagioli Giulia

Pantulina Ekaterina

12 Franssinetti Teresa
13 Baranova Anna 13 De Magistris Mila
Captain: Smurova Elena Captain: Stieber Mercedes
Coach: Kleymenov A. Coach: G. De Magistris
Assistant: Naritsa A. Assistant: M. Borracci

Russia - Italy On-line
Good evening, dear fans of water polo! Speak and show Kirishi! We begining translation of the first match 1\4 ending Champions Cup "Kinef-Surgutneftegas" - "Fiorentina"

1 period
Pantulina wins starting
- The first throw on a gate is put(rendered) by Italians Fine plays Vorontsova
- While without goals - probably starting excitement
- To Olga Beplyaevoj do not allow to accept a ball on a position of "column" of distance is not present
- 1:0!!! And here Sofia Konukh on the same position not stopped
- 2:0!!! Kinef-Surgutneftegas the crossbeam rescues(saves), and in counterattack Sofia Konukh is again exact
- Italians would not have not enough 30 seconds what to create something intelligible at our gate.
- 2:1. Have overlooked for Casanova
- Pantulina tried to hammer a canopy. Gigli on a place
- 3:1!!! This time Katya Pantyulina has literally shot Gigli. Minute up to a break
- Valentine Vorontsova works wonders. First she has upholstered a foul shot, and then and repeated throw Dravuich
Break. In 1 period excellent game in protection Kinef-Surgutneftegas is visible, but realization a little brings

2 period
- Pantulina again the first on a ball.
- Now the crossbeam plays for "Fiorentina"
- 4:1!!! Soboleva gets in "nine" a superlong-range throw!
- Throw Dravucz from water take on itself a crossbeam of our gate. Casanova too it is not exact
- Russians in minority. But to punch defense "Kinef-Surgutneftegas" while it is very difficult. Fie-fie-fie.
- Our protection consults and with Casanova.
- And again Italians cannot hammer. It is necessary also it is necessary to hammer. We in the majority!
- 5:1!!! At last. Pantulina from a foul shot, and absolutely deserved.
- 5:2. Biancardi an average throw reduces break in score
- 6:2!!! Anna Zubkova a good diagonal throw hammers in a beautiful goal

Game, say, has not renewed yet that she is served by Spaniard Moliner and Romanian Barabansi.

3 period
- Pantulina and this time is the fastest.
- The commands are helped by goalkeepers.
- It is a pity, that Kinef-Surgutneftegas again has a little stopped with goals. Now it is a high time "to finish" Italians.
- 6:3. But instead of this we receive a goal from Casanova.
- At Kinef-Surgutneftegas - removal. The time-out takes Magistris.
- "stand", - Kleymenov and they stayed has demanded from girls!
- However again have not hammered, trying to play a ball up to true.
- 6:4. Italians have taken advantage of this. It is exact Lapi.
- It is good, that Italians have thrown above a gate. Otherwise it could become absolutely disturbing.
- Kinef-Surgutneftegas saves Vorontsova. The goal is very necessary!
- Kinef-Surgutneftegas the bar saves. Italians have obviously cheered up
- 6:5. Franssinetti a distant throw. We lose for the period 0:3!
- On that it also has ended. Russians did not begin to play worse, but have become agitated and have ceased to get in a gate.
4 period
- Pantulina has won 4 heats from 4. But again to not hammer!
- Removal at "FIO"
- Smurova gets in a crossbeam. Now Kinef-Surgutneftegas in minority.
- 6:6. Dravuvich.
- Smurova from afar in the goalkeeper.
- Vorontsova has deduced Smurova 1 on 1 with gigli. Removal at Italians. The time-out has taken Kinef-Surgutneftegas.
- 7:6!!! Smurova. At last!
- Bar after distant shot Italians.
- Soboleva have not allowed to be unwrapped on meter at a gate
- The picture repeats one in one
- Throw Pantulina - angular. And loss...
- 8:6.!!! Counterattack of Russians and a goal! 1 minute up to the end
- 8:7. Casanova.
- Time-out of a Fiorentina. 15 seconds up to the end.


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